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Belajar tutorialsTutorials Android, APK, game androidaceradvanandromaxasusblackberrycrosselevateevercossgoogleHTCiphonelenovolexuslgmitonexusnokiaopposamsungsmartfrensonyxiaomiappsaplikasifirmwareodinrecoveryromapkrootflashjellybeankitkatlollipopunrootgame how to block phone numbers on android how to block phone numbers on android – Do you often phoned by persons unknown, fraudulent or even terror, and so forth? and you feel annoyed by telephone and sms? Take it for those of you who have a smartphone / android phone you can easily block the phone and sms number of the person, want to know how? let’s see.How to Block Calls On HP Android is easy because of the android operating system on the settings are available Fiture to block the phone numbers that we can set yourself so (do not need to use the application all), but maybe you are still confused at the part where the heck Fiture Blocking the? okeh I’ll give you a tutorial with images. Lets do it.Before we begin steps to block phone numbers, please change the language used

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